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The Affiliate Program is closed with effect from 30 Sept 2018 with no new commissions payable.

Clickdocs is a UK based organisation dedicated to supplying legal documents online. Our mission is to make the task of preparing legal documents reliable, quick, convenient and affordable. We serve UK small businesses, landlords and private individuals, as well as some international customers.

If you have a UK based website you can join our affiliate programme, and earn commission on legal documents sold to your website users. Existing Affiliates can log in here: Log In .

You can choose from a selection of links from our online administration console, and start earning commissions of 15% on sales made (within 30 days) by customers coming in from your website. This is done by provding affiliates with linking URLs which are unique to their account, and placing cookies on the users system which expire at 30 days. Our software tracks the sales made and awards commission to the appropriate affiliates.

You can link directly to any of our products, to logical groups or to our homepage - as relevant to the content of your site and interests of your users. Through our online reporting system, you can follow the performance of each banner or link, monitor sales made, and commission earned. Commission payments are paid quarterly, where amount due exceeds £50 threshold, otherwise they are carried over to the next period.

To participate in our affiliate program, please read the Affiliate Agreement, and then proceed to the join form, confirm your acceptance of the agreement and enter your details. Once accepted you can get started immediately.

If you are based outside the UK then you should contact us first to discuss your affiliate proposals. Any applications entered into our system from potential international affiliates without prior dicussion and authorisation will be terminated.

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