Separation Agreement

A Separation Agreement is a formal written agreement entered into by a married couple who have decided to separate. It's main purpose is to record the parties' intentions as to their financial arrangements. For use in the UK.

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Further Information

A Separation Agreement is a formal written agreement entered into by a married couple who wish to record the financial agreement that they have reached dealing with the financial consequences of their decision to separate. There is no requirement to formally record a Separation Agreement. Where a financial agreement has been reached it can give both spouses a degree of protection if that agreement is recorded in a legal document.

Such an agreement would normally be upheld by the courts but could be set aside if there had been a significant change in one party's circumstances. Where the terms of the agreement seem to favour one party rather than the other, it is important for both parties to obtain independent legal advice to avoid a claim by one party that he/she was forced to sign it accepting unfair terms.

This straightforward agreement deals with financial matters such as lump sum payments and maintenance payments for the spouse and any children. There is an option to include arrangements for the disposal of the house by sale only and an option to include a timetable for divorce.


You can view a sample online of a completed Separation Agreement by following this link:  View Sample.


This Separation Agreement is suitable for use in England and Wales or Scotland. it includes the following clauses:

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