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This Property Inventory is designed to be used along with an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement or a Rent a Room Agreement. It has many normal furnishings and fittings already listed, allowing quick selection and preparation. Drafted for use in England and Wales.

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Further Information

It's important that a proper inventory is taken of a property before letting, so that there is a written record of what furnishing and fittings are included in the let and the state of the property prior to the tenant moving in. The inventory should be signed by both the landlord and tenant.

The landlord or agent should take inventory of a property before the start of the tenancy. The inventory should be checked by the tenant before signing. All items included in the let should be listed with a note of any existing damage.

This free property inventory template lists many commonplace furnishings and fittings, making it easy to quickly record the contents of your property. You can easily extend the document to include additional rooms and/or items of property.

This document can be used in conjunction with a Tenancy Agreement to compare against condition of items on termination of the tenancy.


This document is suitable for use in England and Wales and for each inventory item allows you to record:

This document is included in our Tenancy Package (£35.25) for England and Wales. The package includes both versions of our Tenancy Agreement, the Section 21 and 8 Notices and this Inventory (saving you more than £50 compared to buying the documents individually. The document is also available as part of a Property Annual Subscription (£70.50) or Full Annual Subscription (£199). These subscriptions give you access to a wide range of documents, packages and forms for a single annual discounted fee.

Scottish Version

If you are looking for a Property Inventory for use in Scotland, follow this link: Property Inventory Scotland.

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