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Terms & Conditions

We offer a huge range of standard Terms and Conditions of Sale, each tailored to meet the needs of a specific type of business. Each T&Cs template inlcudes terms covering all the key aspects of selling to customers. For business types that are likely to trade with both business and consumers we offer B2B and B2C versions.

Along with the legal terms and conditions of selling, we also provide a proposal (quotation) pro forma so that you can set out the details of each particular job. You can then print out your T&Cs and provide to your potential customers along with a specific proposal. The Proposal pro forma includes an acceptance section so that both you and your customer can sign and form a binding contract.

Agency T&Cs

T&Cs for employment agencies as well as other types of agencies acting as brokers between a client and an supplier

Childcare T&Cs

T&Cs tailored to meet the needs of childcare specialists: babysitters, childminders, daycare centres, after/before school clubs

General T&Cs

General T&Cs of Sale containing clauses used by many small businesses. Generic - add your own clauses specific to your business

Hire Agreement T&Cs

T&Cs for businesses who hire out goods to other businesses or consumers. General equipment version plus a range of specialist hire agreements

Surveyor T&Cs

T&Cs for the provision of a range of commercial and domestic surveying services

Trade T&Cs

T&Cs of sale tailored to meet the needs of a wide range of trades. B2B, B2C and doorstep selling versions offered.

Tuition T&Cs

T&Cs for tutors and instructors providing lessons, training or coaching sessions

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