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Business Operations

Legal contracts to support the operational needs of your business including templates for: setting up a joint venture , NDA, franchising, outsourcing, plant maintenance, appointing distributors and agents, exporting

Company Formation

Limited liability company formation - limited by shares or limited by guarantee. Various forms, certificates and resolutions to manage the structure of a UK private ltd company


Consultancy Contracts and T&Cs of business for consultants offering services to clients

Corporate Policies

Policy statements that set out the values and operating ethics of a your business


Legal documents to help websites comply with privacy, data protection and online selling regulations


Contracts of employment and a wide range of HR polices suitable for businesses based in England, Wales and Scotland.


Loan agreements and other financial contracts for use by businesses and individuals in the UK


A range of agreements to set up and manage a business structured as a partnership - traditional and Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP)

Software and Web Services

Website design, hosting and software licencing agreements for UK based web hosts, designers, software houses and consultants

Terms & Conditions...

Standard Terms & Conditions templates (T&Cs) tailored to meet the specific needs of a wide range of trades, professions and small businesses

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