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This section contains a range of general Business Forms, Contracts and Documents for use by UK based businesses. They are available individually or you can purchase one of our popular annual subscriptions to access groups of documents.

Our range of business documents covers everything from starting up, to recruiting and employing staff, trading online, managing finances and much more. We offer a widerange of Standard Terms and Conditions templates that have been drafted to suite a broad range of businesses.

Our range of T & Cs documents includes templates suitable for the sale of goods and/or services, to either consumers or other businesses, and Standard Terms and Conditions of Purchase to buy from another business. As well as sets of generic terms we also offer a range of Terms and Conditions of Sale documents tailored to meet the needs of individual trades e.g. gardening, plumbing, roofing etc.

For more about Terms and Conditions documents for your business have a look at our Terms & Conditions section.

Business Operations

Legal contracts to support the operational needs of your business including templates for: setting up a joint venture , NDA, franchising, outsourcing, plant maintenance, appointing distributors and agents, exporting

Company Formation

Limited liability company formation - limited by shares or limited by guarantee. Various forms, certificates and resolutions to manage the structure of a UK private ltd company


Consultancy Contracts and T&Cs of business for consultants offering services to clients

Corporate Policies

Policy statements that set out the values and operating ethics of a your business


Legal documents to help websites comply with privacy, data protection and online selling regulations


Contracts of employment and a wide range of HR polices suitable for businesses based in England, Wales and Scotland.


Loan agreements and other financial contracts for use by businesses and individuals in the UK


A range of agreements to set up and manage a business structured as a partnership - traditional and Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP)

Software and Web Services

Website design, hosting and software licencing agreements for UK based web hosts, designers, software houses and consultants

Terms & Conditions...

Standard Terms & Conditions templates (T&Cs) tailored to meet the specific needs of a wide range of trades, professions and small businesses

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