Clothing Hire Agreement (B2C)

Clothing Hire Agreement (B2C)

A template hire agreement for renting out formal, special event clothing to consumers.

For use in England, Wales and Scotland.

Price (inc VAT)£33.84

This Clothing Hire Agreement template set outs the terms and conditions of hire where the Owner hires out clothing including bridal wear, suits, formal wear, ballgowns, highland dress and more. This hire agreement template is suitable for use where the Hirer is a consumer (i.e. not a business) and both parties are in the UK.

This Clothing Hire Agreement template set out the terms and conditions where the Owner hires out clothing to a third party. This rental agreement is suitable for hiring out a wide range of clothing including:

  • wedding dresses
  • bridesmaids dresses
  • suits
  • evening wear
  • formal wear
  • ballgowns
  • highland dress.

The Hirer is required to either provide accurate measurements of attend fittings. The period of rental can be either fixed or open-ended (including a notice period). The terms and conditions allow for a deposit to be required from the Hirer. You can specify wither the Hirer or Owner is responsible for collecting and returning the clothing. An optional clause is included to cover the hiring of a Skean Dhu as part of a Highland Dress outfit.

The document also has a Quotation and Acceptance section: the Quotation section allows you to give the Hirer written details of what the rental (such as details of the clothing being hired, price, period of rental) along with the standard terms and conditions. The Acceptance section says that both parties agree to the terms and conditions and, once signed, a legally binding contract is formed between the Hirer and Owner.


The Clothing Hire Agreement is suitable for use in England and Wales or Scotland. It includes the following clauses:

  • service, delivery and equipment
  • hirer obligations
  • owner obligations
  • price and payment
  • cancellation
  • property and risk
  • termination
  • warranties and liabilities.

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