Advertising Agency T&Cs

Advertising Agency T&Cs

T&Cs of Business between an advertising agency and a client.

Suitable for use in England, Wales and Scotland.

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This Advertising Agency Terms and Conditions template document allows you to set out, in detail, the terms and conditions under which your business will provide general advertising agency services including the promotion of client products. For use in the UK.

When dealing with a client, it's important to make sure there are no misunderstandings about the terms and conditions under which you provide your services. The Clickdocs advertising agency terms and conditions document uses clear, plain English to precisely define the terms of the relationship with your client. The advertising industry has specific requirements, which are included in this template document, including:

  • sub-contracted work
  • employing agency staff
  • intellectual property rights
  • copy, layout and artwork approval.

A client proposal form is also included, which can choose to use to provide each client with details of the services you will provide, the you will charge etc. The proposal allows you to give a bespoke quote and job specification to each client, along with your standard terms and conditions which would remain the same for all clients. We also provide guidance notes on how to tailor the document to suit your advertising agency.

The law requires you to make sure your client has been made aware of your terms and conditions. If you don't, then your terms may not apply should a legal dispute ever arise. A good way of meeting this requirement is to set out your terms and conditions on the reverse of any proposal you give your client. It also pays to make a reference to your terms and conditions from the proposal and, of course, printing them in so that they are clear and legible.


This Advertising Agency Terms and Conditions document is suitable for use in England and Wales or Scotland. It includes the following clauses:

  • agent details
  • services
  • sub-contracts
  • agent obligations
  • client obligations
  • intellectual property
  • confidentiality
  • termination
  • statements
  • indemnity
  • warranties and liabilities.

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