T&Cs for a Childminder

T&Cs for a Childminder

T&Cs of Business for a Childminder providing full or part-time day childcare services.

For use in England, Wales and Scotland.

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This is a legal document for use by childminders, setting out the standard terms and conditions of providing child minding services to parents or carers.

This document sets out the terms under which you, a childminder, are offering to provide childminding services to a parent seeking child care. The legal clauses cover all the normal things you would expect when forming a contract (e.g. terms of payment, cancellation, liability exclusions, responsibilities of both parties). It also includes clauses that cover aspects specific to providing childminding services including:

  • provision of snacks
  • meals
  • appropriate clothing etc.
  • giving notice of planned holidays
  • discipline of the child.

An application form is included which you can provide to parents with details of the services you will provide for their child, your charges and other details specific for their circumstances. You would give a copy of the application form to the parents to complete - filling out the sections requesting information about their child. Notes are included on how to customise and use both documents.

It's important that parents are aware of your terms and conditions before agreeing to engage you as a childminder. Printing your terms on the back of the application form is a common method of bringing your terms and conditions to their attention. A note on the front page to your terms and conditions on the reverse is a good idea.

In England, a childminder needs to be registered with Ofsted. In Scotland, childminders are registered (generally along the same lines) with the Care Commission.


This Childminder Terms and Conditions document is suitable for use in England and Wales or Scotland. It includes the following clauses:

  • service and delivery
  • operating times
  • settling in period
  • fees
  • age of child
  • change of sessions
  • customer obligation
  • babysitter obligations
  • sickness and medical information
  • child details
  • absence and collection
  • personal property
  • termination
  • indemnity
  • warranties and liabilities.

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