T&Cs for a Building Defects Surveyor

T&Cs for a Building Defects Surveyor

T&Cs of Business for a registered surveyor conducting a building defects survey.

Suitable for use in England and Wales only.

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This is a legal Building Defects Surveyor Terms and Conditions documents setting out the standard terms and conditions of the provision of surveying services, by a registered building surveyor. The service being provided is the survey of a (residential or commercial) property specifically for the purpose of diagnosing and reporting on building defects and the production of a report containing the surveyor's findings and recommendations. For use in the UK.

This legal documents sets out the terms of providing surveying services by a qualified professional conducting an building defects survey. In addition to standard clauses applicable to almost any small business, this document includes clauses relevant to conducting a building defects survey including:

  • professional indemnity insurance
  • client responsible for obtaining consents/approvals
  • compliance with Data Protection requirements.

These terms and conditions specify that the report produced as the result of the building defects survey advises the client on the construction, general state and condition of the property with particular reference to building defects that the client has requested the surveyor to inspect. It includes a description of the particular defects found (e.g. leaking roofs, rising damp, woodworm infestation, wood rot, timber decay etc.), possible causes and suggested remedies. The report does not include a valuation of the property.

If you are looking for T&Cs for use when conducting a structural inspection of a residential property, including a valuation of the property, please see details of our Residential Building Survey T&Cs.

An proposal form is included that you can use, if you wish, to provide prospective clients with details of the surveying services you will provide, what you will charge etc. You would give the proposal form along with a copy of your standard terms and conditions to each client. Guidance notes on how to customise the terms and conditions document to suit your business are also provided.

You need to bring your terms and conditions to the attention of the other party in a manner that will allow them to become incorporated into the contract. If you print your terms and conditions on the reverse of the proposal you give your client, you should consider adding a reference on the front page to your terms and conditions on the reverse.


This Building Defects Surveyor Terms and Conditions document is suitable for use by surveyors in England and Wales. It includes these clauses:

  • surveyor details
  • services and delivery
  • report
  • inspection
  • hazardous materials
  • ground conditions
  • consents, approvals and searches
  • price and payment
  • client obligations
  • surveyor obligations
  • cancellation
  • termination
  • dispute resolution
  • warranties and liabilities.

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