Literary Agency T&Cs

Literary Agency T&Cs

T&Cs of Business between an literary agency and a client seeking a publisher for a written work.

Suitable for use in England, Wales and Scotland.

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This Literary Agency Terms and Conditions documents set out the standard terms and conditions for use by a literary agent supplying services to a client who is seeking to find a publisher for their written works including book, electronic publishing, newspaper and magazine, motion picture, stage, radio, television, audio and video rights and print journalism. For use in the UK.

This document set out the specific arrangements for the provision of services by an literary agency to a client taking into account specialised aspects of the literary trade such as:

  • public lending rights
  • commission on foreign language rights
  • client responsible for paying taxes
  • payment of fees to client, payment of charges to agent
  • exclusive/non-exclusive relationship.

An optional registration form is also provided with the template. The registration form allows you to provide your client with details of their registration with your agency (including the services you will provide, the fees, commission rates, details of the exact rights you will market for the client etc.) along with your standard terms and conditions.

You need to bring your terms and conditions to your client's attention in a way which enables them to be incorporated into the resulting contract. Printing your terms and conditions on the reverse of any proposal can work. It's a good idea, to include a reference on the front page to your terms and conditions on the reverse.


This Literary Agency Terms and Conditions document is suitable for use in England and Wales or Scotland. It includes the following clauses:

  • agent details
  • registration form
  • services
  • price and payment
  • client obligations
  • agent obligations
  • termination
  • arbitration
  • warranties and liabilities.

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