Carpet Cleaner T&Cs (Pack)

Carpet Cleaner T&Cs (Pack)

A pack of 3 x T&Cs of Business templates (B2B and B2C) for a carpet cleaner.

Suitable for use by carpet cleaning businesses in England, Wales and Scotland.

Price (inc VAT)£26.55

These documents set the terms under which you will provide your services as a carpet cleaner to either domestic or commercial clients. This pack includes the following documents:

  • B2B T&Cs for a Carpet Cleaner
  • B2C T&Cs for a Carpet Cleaner
  • B2C T&Cs for a Carpet Cleaner (doorstep selling)
  • Agreement to Start Work During Cancellation Period (doorstep selling)
The terms and conditions cover the things such as payment terms, cancellation, rights and responsibilities of each party (and more) but also includes clauses that take into account the particular requirements of the carpet cleaning trade such as:

  • clearance of furniture
  • heating and ventilation
  • drying.

We offer two versions of the B2C document: one suitable for doorstep selling and one for other selling situations. The doorstep selling version has the necessary cancellation notice as well as a separate document to use when your client wants you to provide your services before the end of the cancellation period.

An Proposal document is also included in all 3 versions. You can choose to use this document to specify the details of each client's requirements. You would provide a copy of your standard terms and conditions document along with each proposal. It's important that your client is aware of your terms - the normal approach is to print your standard terms and conditions on the back of your proposal form and include a 'see other side for terms and conditions' note on the front page.

Detailed notes on how to complete and use each of the documents is included.

These Carpet Cleaner Terms and Conditions documents are suitable for use in England and Wales or Scotland. They include the following clauses:

  • service, products and delivery
  • customer obligations
  • supplier obligations
  • price and payment
  • cancellation
  • guarantees
  • intellectual property rights
  • property and risk
  • termination
  • warranties and liabilities.

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