Email and Internet Policy

Email and Internet Policy

Email and Internet Policy for use in conjunction with employment contracts that covers the use of computers, email and the internet at work.

For use in the UK.

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This C Email and Internet Acceptable Use Policy sets out the rights, responsibilities and limitations on the use of organisational internet and email facilities in the course of employment. For use in the UK.

Employers must make sure that any monitoring or recording of personal emails or internet use takes place with employees' knowledge and there must be good reason for doing so otherwise employers could be in breach of the Human Rights Act.

The policy covers internet activities such as blogging and instant messaging, the potential pitfalls of using email and the actions required of staff to ensure compliance with data protection regulations and the avoidance of security breaches and software piracy. It also includes the option to restrict internet and email usage to business use only or to allow personal use outwith normal working hours.

Employees should sign a copy of the policy to show that they have read and understood it to prevent any claim that they have not seen or understood the policy if a problem arises.


This Computer Policy is suitable for use in England, Scotland and Wales and covers the following:

  • personal use of company email and internet services
  • downloading files
  • installation of software
  • virus protection
  • password security
  • monitoring
  • confidentiality
  • copyright
  • prohibited use
  • disciplinary action

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