Consultancy Agreement (Company)

Consultancy Agreement (Company)

A consultancy agreement for a business hiring a consultancy company to provide consultancy services, working from the client's premises.

Suitable for a business based in England, Wales or Scotland.

Price (inc VAT)£19.95

This consultancy agreement template is intended for use where the consultancy services are delivered at the client's premises, usually as part of the client's management team or a project team.

Typically, the consultant has been engaged to provide particular management, business or technical skills to a specific project or task and will work with other member's of the client's staff at the client's premises. The period of engagement can be either fixed or ongoing (with a specified notice period). A particular consultant can be named but the contract also allows the consultancy company to provide a different representative, on mutual agreement between the parties.

This consultancy contract is suitable for use in England, Scotland and Wales and includes clauses covering:

  • details of the parties
  • term or period of consultancy
  • duties and responsibilities
  • fees
  • confidentiality
  • intellectual property rights
  • termination
  • notices
  • representation
  • place of work
  • liability.

Further information about working as a consultant can be found in our Fact Sheet section.

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