Terms of Website Use (Commercial)

Terms of Website Use (Commercial)

Terms of Use for a commercial website.

Suitable for a website based in England, Wales or Scotland.

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If you have a website, it is important to publish the terms of use that your visitor should accept when using your website. The statement should be accessible from any page on the website. If you are particularly concerned about the use of your site you might wish to make acceptance a condition of entry.

Website Terms of Use are important to protect your interests even if you have no further interactions with the customer such as online trading or collecting customer contact details.

If your website collects personal data from visitors and/or uses cookies (or other local storage) then you may also need to include a more detailed Privacy Statement on your website.

In addition, if you sell goods or services from your website then you also need to set out your terms of sale. We offer separate templates to cover the terms of web sales.


The Website Use T&Cs includes clauses covering:

  • changes to website (website operator not liable for removal or changes to website)
  • links to 3rd party websites (such links do not endorse external websites)
  • copyright statement
  • disclaimers and limitation of liability
  • privacy and cookies (general use and optional reference to a detailed privacy policy)
  • indemnity.

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