Shrink-Wrap Licence

Shrink-Wrap Licence

A software licencing agreement use with packaged software.

For use by a business based in the UK.

Price (inc VAT)£28.67

This Shrink-Wrap Licence is a single user licence for software distributed on physical media (i.e. in a boxed or otherwise packaged fashion). The user must be made aware that they must read the terms of the licence before opening the packaging since by breaking the seal on the box or case and loading the software onto a computer, the user is bound by the terms of the licence.

It is recommended that the packaging be sealed with a non-removable label with a warning such as "Warning. Before breaking the seal on this box and loading the software you must read and accept the terms of the licence accompanying it". The licence should be within the packaging or documentation where the user can easily access and read it.

The licence includes procedures for acceptance and rejection of the terms as well as clauses relating to ownership rights, permitted and restricted use, warranties and liability. There is no payment clause as it is expected that this would be dealt with when purchasing the software.


This Shrink-Wrap Licencing Agreement is suitable for use in England, Scotland and Wales and includes clauses covering:

  • acceptance/rejection process
  • licensor
  • licence
  • grant of licence
  • permitted use
  • limitations on use
  • undertakings
  • ownership
  • intellectual property
  • warranty
  • disclaimer
  • lliability
  • termination.

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