Consultancy Agreement (Own Office)

Consultancy Agreement (Own Office)

This document sets out the terms for a consultant supplying services to a client. The consultant works from his/her own office.

For use in England, Scotland and Wales.

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This consultancy contract has been drafted for use where the consultancy services are delivered to the client as either a project or time-based service, usually based from the consultant's own offices and is suitable for use where the consultant is an individual or a company.

This agreement would typically be used where a consultant has been engaged to carry out, manage and deliver the results of a particular project in its entirety.

The consultant may be required to discuss, interview and/or work with the client (or members of the client's staff) as part of the project by will primarily work from the his or her office. The period of engagement is for a fixed period with the option to extend by mutual agreement. This agreement is suitable for use where the consultant is a company or an individual.

These consultancy agreements are suitable for use in the UK - England, Wales and Scotland. They include the following clauses, as appropriate to the version:

  • details of the parties
  • term or period of consultancy
  • duties and responsiblities
  • fees
  • confidentiality
  • intellectual property rights
  • termination
  • details of the project/work
  • liability.
  • See also our Fact Sheet on Working as a Consultant.

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