Section 26 Notice

Section 26 Notice

This a form used by a tenant to request renewal of an existing commercial lease where right of tenure is provided under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954.

Suitable for use in England and Wales.

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This legal document is for use by a tenant with a commercial lease in England or Wales where the tenancy has not opted out of security of tenure under The Landlord and Tenant Act 1954.

Broadly speaking, the Landlord and Tenant Act gives business tenants security of tenure - the right to renew the tenancy when it comes to an end. Landlords can oppose renewal of the tenancy for certain limited, specific reasons, for example: failure to pay rent, or if the landlord wants to redevelop the premises or get them back for his own use. Landlords can either apply to the court to end the tenancy, or can oppose the tenant's application for renewal.

To request a new tenancy and propose terms for renewal the tenant would need to send the landlord this Section 26 Notice. The Notice must be sent between 6 and 12 months before the tenant wants the new tenancy to commence - which itself must be after the normal expiry date of the lease. It cannot be sent if the landlord has already sent a Section 25 Notice.

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