Commercial Lease Package (Short) England

Commercial Lease Package (Short) England

A short term commercial lease for letting commercial premises such as offices, shop or workshop. Includes accompanying notices.

For use in England and Wales.

Price (inc VAT)£14.95

This commercial lease is suitable for the short-term occupation (from a few months up to three years) of all types of commercial property. It can be used for whole buildings as well as part of buildings and units on an estate.

The obligation to repair the property rests with the landlord and there is no service charge. No rent review clause is included since the Lease is assumed to be of short duration and there is an absolute prohibition against assigning or subletting or sharing occupation of the property.

The tenant's obligations are limited. There is no obligation on the landlord to insure the property and therefore no obligation on the tenant to pay the costs of any such insurance but if the landlord decides to insure, the costs will be included in the rent which remains fixed for the term of the Lease.

The Lease includes the option for a break clause (where either party may terminate the Lease from a given date on giving notice).

The package includes the various declarations for communication between the landlord and tenant, to permit (as an option) the lease to opt out of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954. This gives the tenant and landlord the potential to agree that the tenant cannot apply to the court for an extension to the lease. If you choose not to opt out of the Act, then special notices are required to be used by tenant and landlord when considering a subsequent extension or renewal of the lease. These are fully explained in Section 25 Notice and Section 26 Notice.


The short commercial lease package includes the following documents and statory forms:

  • Commercial Lease (short )
  • Guidance notes
  • Schedule 1 Notice
  • Schedule 2 Paragraph 7 Declaration
  • Schedule 2 Paragraph 8 Declaration
  • Section 25 Notice (not opposing)
  • Section 25 Notice (opposing)
  • Section 26 Notice

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