B2B Terms & Conditions of Sale (Services)

B2B Terms & Conditions of Sale (Services)

Standard T&Cs of Sale for a business selling services to another business (B2B).

For use in UK.

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This general T&Cs for B2B sale services is suitable for sellers based in England, Scotland and Wales. It includes clauses covering the terms relevant to many small businesses, including:

  • price
  • payment
  • specification of goods and/or services
  • delivery
  • customer's obligations
  • supplier's obligations
  • limitation of liability
  • alterations
  • warranty
  • indemnification
  • intellectual property rights
  • termination (B2B).

The template includes an optional Proposal section which you can use to provide a quote of the services you will provide to your client. It is common practice to include your T&Cs on the back of such a document and present to your client for their acceptance. A legally binding contract is formed once you and your client sign the Proposal

It's your responsibility to make sure your client is aware of your T&Cs.

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