B2B Terms & Conditions of Purchase

B2B Terms & Conditions of Purchase

Standard T&Cs of Purchase for a business purchasing goods and/or services from another business.

For use in the UK.

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This document sets out the Standard Terms and Conditions of Purchase where you, the buyer, are contracting with a seller in the course of a business to business(B2B) transaction, for the supply of goods and/or services on your (i.e. the buyer's) terms. Simply put: you want to buy goods or services from a supplier, and you wish to have a set of terms and conditions for your order.

In order that your terms and conditions become part of the contract you must bring them to the attention of the seller in a timely and appropriate fashion. If, as is common practice, you set out your terms and conditions on the back of your purchase order, you must be sure to transmit both pages of a double sided document and consider inserting a reference on the front page to your terms and conditions on the reverse.


This document is suitable for use by businesses based in the England, Scotland and Wales. It includes clauses covering:

  • price
  • payment
  • delivery
  • warranty
  • title
  • risk
  • supplier's obligations
  • inspection of goods
  • liability
  • intellectual property rights
  • termination

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