First Directors Board Minute (Shares)

First Directors Board Minute (Shares)

Board Minutes template to record details of the first official meeting of the directors of a newly incorporated limited liability company (limited by shares).

For use anywhere in the UK.

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The First Directors Board Minute is used to record details of the first meeting of the directors after formation of a company. It's generally considered good practice to hold this meeting within a month of setting up the company. There's a legal requirement to record who attends and what was discussed.

This document minutes the decisions made by the directors of the company during the important first board meeting. The first board meeting confirms the incorporation of the company, the names and roles of the directors, the initial subscribers (shareholders or members), and (as appropriate) appointment of solicitors, bankers and accountants.


This First Directors Board Minute is suitable for use in the UK and include clauses covering:

  • appointment of chairman
  • confirmation of company registration
  • names of directors and secretary
  • accounting date
  • appointment of bank, accountants and solicitors
  • initial subscribers (and shareholdings - if limited by shares).

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