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This section of the website includes Legal Wills and Codicils. Preparation of a Legal Will is important to ensure that your assets are distributed in the manner you wish after your death and so you can make financial arrangements for your close relatives. If you don't make a Will, the law decides what happens to your estate and it may not be what you would have wanted. For use in UK: England, Wales and Scotland.

Wills are normally straightforward unless you have complicated financial or family situations. So in many cases standard format Legal Will forms can be appropriate for the task.

Further Information

We offer the following standard Wills, suitable for different family circumstances and designed for use in estates where inheritance tax advice is not required and where the legacies are straightforward. Click on the links for further information and get to the page at which you can purchase the documents.

If you need to update your Will we also offer a selection of Codicils.

We also offer a Living Will (legally referred to as an Advance Decision or Advance Directive).

To help you consider what you need to do, you may wish to read through our on-line DIY Wills Guide.

If you have a question, please use the online message system above or email us at


You can view samples online of the documents on each of the document pages.

These documents are also available as part of a Full Annual Subscription (£199 own use). These subscriptions give you access to wide range of documents, packages and forms for a single annual discounted fee.

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