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If you are looking for basic (ready to use) legal templates, documents, agreements and forms, please consult the Legal Documents menu on the left of this page. You can browse the Legal Documents in each of the sections listed, look for a specific trade in "Documents by Trade", or simply use the search box to find the legal document or form that you need.

You can review the features, check a sample quickly and immediately buy online. You will then receive your legal forms or documents by email. Most documents are available as Word template or document files, so you can easily edit them on your computer following the notes we provide.


Legal Stationery

If you are looking for wholesale legal stationers and suppliers to the legal profession or if you are a consumer wishing to write your own legal document then our online electronic documents may be of use to you.

We have been one of the leading online legal stationers for over 10 years and are the legal stationers UK solicitors, small and medium-sized businesses, limited companies and individuals trust.

Our library of online legal stationery contains a wide range of forms and documents suitable for a number of business and consumer situations, including agency, consultancy and distribution agreements, terms and conditions of business, letting agreements, leases, tenancy agreements, notices, company formation documents, resolutions and certificates, employment contracts and policies, internet and IT agreements, partnership contracts, divorce packages and pre-marriage contracts, Wills, Powers of Attorney and standard consumer complaint letters.

Our documents, templates and forms are easy to download and use as all you need to know are the basics of how to use your word processing software (such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Works, Wordpad, Open Office, Star Office, iWork, GoogleDocs or another word processor that can load standard Microsoft Word documents).

If you are a legal professional or property agent and provide a service to third parties meaning that the documents will be used repeatedly then we offer additional features and benefits with our Word template version. This version includes the Clickdocs wizard that guides you through the process of customizing your document. Once installed, the Clickdocs wizard will appear as a pop-up window, presenting you with fields to fill in, lists to select from and online help. Once you've provided all the required information the Clickdocs wizard will automatically populate and format your document, based on the information you provided. The increased functionality of the template version will increase efficiency and save you hours of time.

An additional benefit we offer to lawyers, letting agents and employers is our annual subscription offer. An annual subscription gives you access to a range of Clickdocs legal documents and forms for a single annual fee. You can order legal agreements and forms as and when you need them during your subscription period, at no additional cost. Our annual subscriptions are excellent value for money. If you think you will need several documents during the year then you will find that an annual subscription is considerably cheaper than buying documents individually. We offer the following annual subscriptions:

If you are looking for a supplier of physical legal stationery, legal books, legal printing, paper, embossing stamps, rubber stamps or other stationery item for the legal profession, then we may be able to quote offline. Please send a list of the legal stationery for you would like us to quote to


On each page you can view a sample of your Legal Document or Form prior to purchase.

Whilst our Annual Subscriptions are the most common way for people to source their legal documents, the most popular individual document types are: Tenancy Agreement , Employment Contract and Terms and Conditions.

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