Employment Contract

This is a template contract of employment suitable for use when hiring permanent, fixed-term or temporary staff. By using this template an employer will meet the legal requirement to provide 'employment particulars' as well as setting out additional terms. For use in the UK.

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Confidentiality and Data Protection clause updated, July 2016

A contract of employment sets out all the terms and conditions of a job: those required by law and any additional terms. It is a document given to an employee by their employer. While there is no legal requirement to have a written contract, it can save misunderstandings later on if everything is set out clearly from the beginning.

Fixed term and permanent employees

Since October 2002 fixed employers have not been allowed to treat fixed term employees less favourable than similar permanent employee. This means that employers must give the same terms and conditions, such as holiday entitlement and pensions, to fixed term employees as to permanent. There are some exceptions but they have to be 'objectively justified'. This means that most employers need only one standard template agreement for all staff they hire.

This Clickdocs template is suitable for use when hiring temporary, fixed-term or permanent staff in the UK. It includes all the terms required by law and also provides additional terms often used by small businesses.

Statutory employment terms

Some employment terms and conditions are subject to statutory requirements such as rates pay (the National Minimum Wage), working hours, holiday entitlement and termination. This template contract includes additional notes to help you comply with your legal obligations in these areas.

What is the 'written statement of employment particulars'?

There are some details about the job that must be provided in a written form to the employee. This is the 'written statement of employment particulars'. By law, an employer is required to give all employees who have been in employment for at least one month, written details of the main particulars of employment. These particulars include:

If an employee will be required to work overseas for more than a month then details of the overseas employment must also be provided.

The statement of particulars must be written and must be given to the employee not later than two months after they start work. If the employee is required to work outside the UK then the written particulars must be provided within two months of starting work or before their departure from the UK, whichever comes first.

For more information visit Employing staff for an overview of the broad principles of employing staff in the UK.


You can view an online sample of our template document here: View Sample.


This template contract is suitable for use in England, Scotland and Wales. It includes all the statutory 'employment particulars' listed above as well clauses relating to:

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