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This Complaint Letters package is designed to help UK consumers or small businesses resolve complaints they may have over faulty goods, poor services, late or non-payment of invoices.

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This package of template Complaint Letters is designed to help you resolve complaints you may have over faulty goods, poor services, non-payment of invoices or promissory notes. The letters for use when complaining about faulty goods or services are suitable when the goods or services have been purchased by a consumer rather than a business.

As a first step you should write formally to the person, firm or company against whom you have a grievance in an attempt to settle the matter. Before you write, make sure that you have a valid complaint and that you have copies of receipts, guarantees and any other documents which you may have to send with your letter. Keep a copy of any letter you send (which should be sent by recorded delivery) and do not send original documents.

If you don't receive a response, write again in 14 days' time. If you still don't receive a response, send a final letter before action.

You should issue a claim through the courts only as a last resort, only if you cannot settle the matter in the manner outlined above. The county court in England and the sheriff court in Scotland deal with these types of claims, referred to as "small claims" or "small claims court".

The system for handling small claims is designed to be quick, cheap and easy to use and you do not need to use a solicitor, although you can do so if you wish. It will usually only apply to claims for £5,000 or less (or £1,000 or less if the claim is for personal injury or housing disrepair), against a person, firm or company in England and Wales, and claims for £3000 or less against a person, firm or company in Scotland. For the online procedure for making a claim through the small claims court see the HM Courts Service  or the Scottish Courts websites for further details.


You can view a sample online of a completed Complaint Letter by following this link: View Sample.


This Complaint Letters package is suitable for use in England, Wales and Scotland. The following letters are included:

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