Scottish Civil Partnership Dissolution Forms

We offer a "DIY" dissolution forms package with guidance notes available online, for ending a civil partnership in Scotland. This can be used where circumstances are relatively straightforward as described below. Scroll down for the England and Wales version.

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Further Information

We offer a Dissolution Forms package for a ending a civil partnership in the Sheriff Court in Scotland where the following conditions are met:

If you cannot satisfy the above criteria you should consult a solicitor.

Depending on your income you may also have to pay a fee to the court when submitting your dissolution forms. Further information is given in the step-by-step guide.


You can view an online sample of out step-by-step guide to civil partnership dissolution by following this link:  View Sample.


This Dissolution Forms Package includes our step-by-step guide to arranging your own civil partnership dissolution, the forms you need to start proceedings (SPD or SPE) and a Fee Exemption Form. Depending on your income you may also have to pay a fee to the Court when submitting your forms. Further information is given in the guide.

England and Wales Version

If you are looking for Civil Partnership Dissolution Forms for England and Wales go to:  Dissolution (England & Wales) - step-by-step guide and court forms for a simple dissolution in England or Wales.

This document package  is available individually or as part of a Full Annual Subscription (£199 own use) - giving you access to wide range of documents, packages and forms for a single annual fee.

If you need a Will as well, check Wills and Probate.

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