Employment Law Changes – NMW and more

NMW money

April is the traditional month for a bevy of employment law changes. This month we saw a rise in the NMW and more reporting and tax changes.  In this article we summarise some of the latest changes and have a quick look at how the Modern Slavery Act can impact SMEs. National Minimum Wage (NMW) As is customary, the National Minimum Wage  rose

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Maternity Pay in the UK – Nearly Worst in Europe

maternity pay family

Maternity pay recently hit the news when the TUC reported that maternity pay entitlement for mothers in the UK is among the worst in Europe.  Only women in Ireland and Slovakia fare worse in the “decently paid” rankings.  The TUC define “decently paid” as maternity pay of at least two-thirds of a woman’s salary. What is the current maternity pay entitlement? Statutory maternity pay

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GDPR and Privacy Policies: Get ready for Change

GDPR data privacy

There’s new EU legislation on the horizon that will affect every online business in the UK. In fact, it will affect any online business that trades with EU citizens wherever they are in the world. This legislation is the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). While that all sounds rather scary, there’s no need to panic because: you’ve got over

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Workers’ Rights, Uber and the Gig Economy

Uber and Deliveroo have recently made the headlines over workers’ rights.  Uber was the subject of a London employment tribunal case that decided that Uber drivers were not self-employed and therefore entitled to workers’ rights.  Now a group of couriers who deliver for Deliveroo are taking legal action to gain the right to union representation and to earn the NMW: effectively

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UK Law and Brexit


It’s hard to imagine anyone in the UK not being aware of the historic result of the recent referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU: a vote in favour of leaving the EU.  Much remains unclear about how, when and under what terms the UK will actually leave the EU. What does Brexit mean to UK businesses? In the

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National Living Wage – a new minimum wage

national living wage

From 1 April the Government’s National Living Wage comes into force. This is a new National Minimum Wage for workers 25 and over. If any of your staff are currently paid the NMW then now is the time to get ready and make sure you correctly pay the new rate next month. Who is entitled to the National Living Wage?

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The Consumer Rights Act 2015

consumer rights

The Consumer Rights Act 2015 came into force on 1 October, receiving considerable media coverage. This is an important piece of consumer legislation and applies to every business that sells goods and or services to consumers. If you run your own business then you should be aware of what rights your (non-business) customers have. You may need to adjust your business

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How to create a legally binding document

A common question we get asked at the Clickdocs support desk is ‘what do I need to do to make my document legally binding?’ In this article we discuss how to create a legally binding written agreement and the different options available to signatories. Written agreements Under the law of contract, binding agreements can be made both orally and in writing. Most

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