Annual Subscriptions

An Annual Subscription gives you access to a range of Clickdocs legal documents and forms for a single annual fee. You can order documents as and when you need them during your subscription period, at no additional cost.

Our annual subscriptions are excellent value for money: If you think you will need several documents during the year then you will find that an annual subscription is likely to be considerably cheaper than buying documents individually.

Further Information

Once you have selected and purchased your annual subscription we will send you a subscription discount code. This discount code will give you a 100% discount on all documents within the range covered by the annual subscription option you have selected. To use, all you do is order the documents you require and enter the discount code at the shop checkout. You can order documents as and when you need them, as often as you like during your subscription period.

If the law changes and we issue a new version of a document covered by your subscription, you can order the same document again and get the updated version at no additional cost.

We publish details of updates to our documents, as well as news, special offers and other useful information via Google+, Facebook and Twitter. If you would like to receive these updates please either circle us on Google+, like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter. Here is where to find us:

We offer several different subscriptions that cover different ranges of documents. The prices below are for 'own use', that is, for use by you and your business. If you intend to use our templates to offer services to your customers then we also a 'professional use' version (see each subscription product page for details).

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