After School Club Terms and Conditions

This After School Club Terms and Conditions template document is for use by childcare professionals running an after school club. The documents sets out the terms and conditions of the services you provide. For use in the UK.

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Further Information for After School Clubs

If you are running an after school club then you need to tell parents/carers exactly what you do and don't provide and the financial side of things: how much is costs, when and how you expect to be paid etc. These aspects of running your business, and others, are best set out in a written set of terms and conditions, such as this template document, a copy of which you provide to each prospective client (parent or carer).

In addition to setting out general terms, our After School Club T& Cs document also inlcudes clauses covering aspects specific to your child care business such as: collection of child from within school grounds, provision of homework space, provision of snacks and drinks.

We've also included an application form for you to give to prospective clients (parents and carers) to complete. The application form requests full details of the child and parents and also allows you to set out your fees and has a signing clause to allow parents to indicate that they accept your terms and conditions. You would provide a copy of the standard terms and conditions document along with each application form.

Guidance notes on how to use both documents is provided.

You need to make sure that the other party (the parent or carer) is aware of your terms and conditions. This has to be done in a clear and specific manner: the normal way is to have your terms and conditions printed on the back of any proposal or application form, with a reference from the front page.

If your after school club operates in England then you probably will need to register with Ofsted as a day-care provider (this applies if you get paid or rewarded for looking after children under the age of 8). In Scotland the registration body is the Care Commission.

General information about setting up, running and managing a small business in the UK is provided in our Business Information section.

After School Club Terms and Conditions Sample

You can view an online After School Club T&Cs sample document by following this link:  View Sample.


This After School Club Terms and Conditions document is suitable for use in England and Wales or Scotland. It includes the following clauses:

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